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Mitsubishi Finance Plan

Experienced Mitsubishi Finance Professionals at Chapman Mitsubishi are here to provide you with special finance rates for your new or pre-owned Mitsubishi. Mitsubishi periodically brings you special offers for the purchase or lease of new vehicles. In addition, there are special programs for college grads or first-time buyers. Here are some special Mitsubishi finance offers currently available:

Diamond Lease Plan

According to Mitsubishi, when you lease a vehicle, you are only paying for the portion of the vehicle’s value that you use up. Since the depreciation and the rent charge amount to less money than the cost of the entire vehicle when new, you’re paying off a smaller sum of money with a lease than you would with a conventional loan of the same duration. This makes for smaller monthly payments. But reduced cost is not the only way you can benefit from leasing. The Diamond Lease Plan also gives you the opportunity to drive a nicer vehicle, flexible terms, possible tax incentives and no trade-in hassle.

Diamond Retail Plan

If leasing isn’t for you, the Diamond Retail Plan is. With no excess wear or mileage fees you will have the freedom to use your vehicle any way you wish. If you consistently drive more than 15,000 miles per year, or subject your vehicle to hard use that may result in greater-than-normal wear, buying your vehicle through the Diamond Retail Plan may be your best choice. The Diamond Retail Plan offers flexible terms, consistent monthly payments, and the ability to lower your monthly payment with a higher down payment.

College Graduate Program

Mitsubishi offers special financing for recent and upcoming college graduates on the full line of Mitsubishi’s quality vehicles. Mitsubishi makes it possible for you to purchase or lease a Mitsubishi vehicle with no money down and at a preferred College Graduate finance or lease rate, even if you do not have an established credit history. The College Graduate Program is available to college seniors who are currently enrolled in a four-year program and graduates who obtained a degree within the past two years.

First Time Owners Program

Mitsubishi recognizes that financing your first new car is a big step and we would like to help you obtain financing by offering a First Time Owners finance program. To qualify, you must have no derogatory credit history, at least one credit trade line with at least 12 months of history, three verifiable personal references, verifiable employment, verifiable monthly income, proof of insurance, and a minimum down payment of 10% with minimum of $500 cash.

For more information on financing offers available with Mitsubishi, visit a Phoenix Mitsubishi dealer today!