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2013 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

There comes a time in every driver’s life that he or she needs to purchase a new car.  This time is often followed by some online pricing research and a mild to moderate case of sticker shock at some asking prices.  Although it may first appear a daunting task, dealerships are often able to work out mutually beneficial deals with prospective buyers.  Here are some tips to save money on a new car., courtesy of Chapman Mitsubishi.

1.  Choose the right time to buy.  The point at which you decide to visit the dealership can play a significant role in the price you pay for a new car.  First, check for upcoming sale events.  Dealerships offer deep discounts on holiday weekends, particularly the weekend preceding Memorial Day.  These discounts could even extend into the week if you prefer to avoid crowds.  If you do not want to wait for a holiday sale, select a time when the dealership is less likely to be busy.  Late in the week, late in the month, and late in the model year are often good times to receive special attention from the sales staff and deep discounts, as many dealerships receive manufacturer incentives for meeting weekly, monthly, or yearly sales totals.  Buying a new car just after next year’s model has entered the market can also provide opportunities for discounts as the dealer looks to liquidate stock and clear space for incoming vehicles.

2.  Bring cash or pre-approved financing.  Financing directly through the dealer’s financing partner can be convenient, but your own bank or credit union may be able to offer personalized incentives.  Perhaps more importantly, walking into the showroom with a clear idea of how much you are willing to spend and having the cash or approval in your hand improves your negotiating position.  Sales associates love to sell new Mitsubishi cars to prepared buyers and will not hesitate to meet your price point if you are committed to making a purchase, especially if you come with a down payment or finance approval.

3.  Do your homework.  Having a general idea about which model you would prefer to test drive and purchase not only streamlines the sales process, but alerts the sales associate to your preferences and demands for a new vehicle.  This knowledge will help the associate better cater to your needs and allows them to start thinking of rebates and other bonuses which can help them to offer you the best possible deal.  Furthermore, not all dealerships are equal.  Although every dealer will strive to serve its customers the best way that it can, different dealerships are uniquely situated in terms of their stock and freedom to negotiate – researching inventory on the Internet can be helpful.  When you are looking for a Mitsubishi Phoenix dealer to test drive a new car, remember these tips in order to secure the best deal.