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When shopping for a new car, the audio system can be a big part of the decision for customers. Making sure you know what you want in an audio system will also help you narrow down your car search at your Phoenix Mitsubishi dealer.

Stock systems in new Mitsubishi cars are getting much more sophisticated and automakers are adding new technologies, like music-player integration and Bluetooth audio. So it is easy for the average consumer to be overwhelmed with the different options of audio hardware. Knowing what’s important in an audio system is crucial, so here are a few different items to look for in a good system that will be satisfying for years after you purchase it.

First, an amplifier must provide clean power and is one of the most important factors in high-quality sound reproduction. Even the best speakers will sound distorted with an underpowered amplifier. In addition to the amp, good low bass is also necessary for a great audio system, so a separate subwoofer can help reproduce realistic low-frequency sounds, so a good subwoofer is a must.

Another important feature is an Auxiliary input jack that allows drivers to plug in portable music devices such as in iPod or other MP3 player, using an accessory cable. The accessory cable allows almost any music player to become a part of the car’s audio system, to access the content on the device you still do have to use the controls on the device, which can be distracting while driving. A USB port in addition to an AUX cord offers a better way to integrate portable music into a system. Usually you can use the cars audio display to control the device and it will also let allow you to charge your device while driving.

Bluetooth audio is another feature to look for, in the same way Bluetooth provides hands-free technology by transferring calls to the audio system, the Bluetooth audio will wirelessly stream music from a compatible device. Some controls are able to be used from the cars audio system, but they are limited to the volume up/down and track-skip forward/back.

Controls on the steering wheel will allow drivers to operate basic functions without even having to move your hands from the wheel, which is obviously much safer than any of the previous options discussed. A few newer models will let you control music from a connected music player, a definite plus.

An easy-to-read display is also vital to your car audio search, since it’s crucial that your display be simple and safe to operate, especially while driving. Make sure when test driving that you can see the display even at a glance and check daytime glare from the sun as well as at night. Also make sure the audio system has intuitive controls, to further minimize distractions while driving.

Chapman Mitsubishi currently offers tons of options that include these audio requirements and also additional upgrades, so come by to see which model has the audio system that best fits your needs.

Mitsubishi revealed that the Outlander Plug-in Hybrid EV is set for release in September. They announced that the plug-in Outlander will “share its architecture with the soon-to-be-introduced New Outlander’s ICE versions” and claims that it will be the first-ever mainstream vehicle from a major manufacturer “envisaged from the outset with built-in provisions for either ICE or PHEV powertrains.” Mitsubishi also claims that the plug-in Outlander will become the first-ever “permanent 4WD electric car in series production.”

“It is definitely coming here to the USA” said Roger Yasukawa, Mitsubishi Motors North America spokesman. “We are targeting fiscal year 2013—which probably means the later part of 2013 to March 2014.

Mitsubishi has released a few details of the car and it seems to be based on the all-new 2013 Outlander. New Mitsubishi Phoenix enthusiasts will also be happy to know it will also be offered with a gasoline engine. The Plug-In Hybrid version of the new Outlander will have permanent electric all-wheel drive–the first all-electric AWD vehicle to go into volume production–that can be supplemented by torque from the engine when required. The details of the powertrain were previewed in 2009 in the PX-MiEV Concept, as well as the follow-on 2011 PX-MiEV II Concept, which demonstrated a remarkably flexible–and complex–drive system that will underlie several vehicles from Mitsubishi by 2020.

The Outlander PHEV is expected to offer a total range of 497 miles, and offer three 4WD drive modes: Pure (twin-motor electric-only drive), Series (twin-motor electric drive supported by range-extending generator) and Parallel (ICE engine supported by twin-motor electric drive). Mitsubishi also says its performance will be equivalent to that of a 3.0-liter V-6 gasoline engine, but with CO2 emissions of 50 g/km or less and a driving range of 500 miles or more with a full gas tank and batteries fully charged.

Stay tuned for more information on the Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-In Hybrid once its debuted in September. For information on any other Mitsubishi models check out your Phoenix Mitsubishi dealer.