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At Chapman Automotive Group there are lots of employees who work hard every day to ensure that everything is running as smoothly as possible. Meet one of those employees from Chapman Mitsubishi and Hyundai, Matt Trader. We asked Matt a few questions, for you to get to know him a little better and here are his responses:

Name: Matt Trader
Title: Mitsubishi and Hyundai Service Director at Chapman Bell Road Imports

Chapman Automotive Group: How long have you worked for Chapman?
Matt Trader: 10 years

Chapman Automotive Group: What is your most satisfying experience at the Phoenix Hyundai dealer?
Matt Trader: I love being involved in all aspects of the service department – from interacting with staff to consulting with customers.

Chapman Automotive Group: What’s your personal life like?
Matt Trader: I’m married. I have one son who is three years old.

Chapman Automotive Group: What did you do prior to working at Chapman?
Matt Trader: I used to work in the car service industry in Chicago.

Chapman Automotive Group: What are your goals in your new position at Chapman Bell Road Imports?
Matt Trader: I’d like to continue to provide top-notch customer service that defines the Chapman philosophy. We’ll also work to maintain our reputation as the number one Hyundai service department in the nation.

Come by and check out Matt at work at either Chapman Mazda or Chapman Hyundai dealer.

The Mitsubishi Outlander and Kia Sorento may both be crossover SUVs but the Outlander out performs the Sorento in multiple aspects.

The Mitsubishi Outlander seems to win out in most categories when comparing the two, starting with pricing. The base price for the all-wheel drive Outlander is a mere $24,845, the Sorento comes in at $34,850. The Outlander does have a $2,900 touring option package (leather seats, cool sound system), and $2,000 bought navigation with rear camera. The only option on the Sorento was the $1,500 panoramic sunroof.

As for storage, both vehicles feature a nice storage compartment behind the second row. But if the third row is being used the Kia Sorentos storage space immediately diminishes to room for hardly anything.  Phoenix Mitsubishi drivers on the other hand may be rather surprised by the amount of space available even with the third row in use.

Both the Sorento and the Outlander were able to accelerate with ease and handle driving well. But the Outlander Sport model came with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a CVT, and edged out the competition performing admirably overall.

As for the handling on both cars, the Sorento is a larger vehicle, which may leave consumers feeling less than connected to the car. The automatic transmissions on both vehicles are alright, but once you get the motor running the Outlander provides a better experience. As for MPG the Sorento is said to have an average of 23 mpg, 21 city and 28 highway. Mitsubishi Outlander Phoenix drivers will squeak by the Sorento coming in with 25 combined, 23 city, and 28 highway.

Both get “Recommended” ratings from Consumer Reports. The Outlander has an above-average reliability rating, and the Sorento’s is average. And both vehicles come with a 10-year/100,000-mile power-train warranty, and both feature fuller coverage for five years or 60,000 miles. But the Mitsubishi Outlander would be the preference for its combination of good performance, comfort, reliability, and better fuel economy.

For more information head to your Chapman Mitsubishi dealer!