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With the recent downturn in the economy people are always wondering how to make their car last as long as possible. The first thing any car owner should do is find a respectable mechanic to take care of your car, which usually for the best Mitsubishi service the dealership will have the most knowledgeable people for your specific car. Only use good quality or original parts, which again can also be found at the dealership service center.

Watch for early signs of potential problems by checking for leaks, irregular noises, unusual smells, differences in engine performance, and other things out of the norm. Obviously most people realize when an unwanted light comes on, on the instrument panel, but some people push it off or ignore it. This is one of the simplest things to monitor on your car to ensure a long life, have your vehicle looked at as soon as possible when a warning light appears to avoid further damage. Another simple tip is to keep all fluid and oils clean and topped off. Fluids are vital for your car to run smoothly and over time they can evaporate or leak, so they need to be changed often and their levels need to be monitored. Small problems can often lead to larger problems quickly if not taken care of.

Luckily living in the desert there isn’t as much humidity or salt in the air as other states but it is still important to check for rust frequently to prevent corrosion. Regularly lubricate door hinges, locks, hood, trunk, and tailgates to prevent corrosion as well.

Your transmission is another part that is important to focus on keeping in good shape since if it fails or has problems it usually equals big bucks. Automatic transmissions most frequently fail from overheating, excessive heat and fluid loss makes the transmission wear faster. A tip to prevent overheating is to change your transmission fluid often and consider installing an additional transmission fluid cooler.

On the outside of the car make sure to wash your car regularly and wax it every once in awhile. The wax will keep the paint finish looking shiny longer and also protect the panels from corrosion. Touch up any scratches or scuff in the paint before they corrode as well, once the metal inside the scratch is expose it can rust and cost money to repair. Clean windshield wipers when you wash your car as well. Often small particles of sand can get trapped underneath causing windshield scratches.

For more information on these tips as well as many more call your Phoenix Mitsubishi to get in touch with the service department.